About 4 Brown Queenz

4 Brown Queenz® LLC was started in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Understanding the specialized skills needed to care for interlocked tresses and the challenges that black women face before and during the pandemic with finding quality loc practitioners, 4 Brown Queenz® launched an affordable training option aimed to create more high quality practitioners for the community.

This training was designed to be delivered virtually with zero health risks associated with in-person classes and it was a success. Initially named The Interlock Academy for the first year, we rebranded to the 4 Brown Queenz® Loc Academy. Our well-designed training courses allow our participants to walk away with REAL skills needed in today's loc industry.

Since 2020, we have successfully trained over 100 individuals in the art of proper interlocking and maintenance techniques through small monthly classes. Many of our students have become successful locticians with extensive clientele! We're all about empowerment and helping others level up!

In early 2022 we launched our patent-pending interlock tool, the D.A.P Tool, that took the loc industry by storm. We redesigned the tool and our customers are loving the enhancements from our September 2022 re-release. We are extremely excited about the success of our tool and have some awesome opportunities on the horizon.

We are also a family-oriented company that operates with full transparency amongst our staff and with our customers. Our work is grounded in the passion for supporting our communities. Meet our team below!


Queen Goldee

Best known as “Goldee” in the loc world, Queen Goldee is the President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 4 Brown Queenz®, LLC. She engages with every operational aspect of 4 Brown Queenz®, LLC to ensure that customers receive the best experience possible whether taking one of our courses or purchasing products.

Goldee is a proud military wife and mother. Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana where she was a competitive multi-sport athlete and active member in her community. She earned a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from Indiana University. After teaching several years she completed a master's degree in Educational Administration and Supervision. She taught in Indiana, North Carolina, and Arizona and held assistant principal roles in both Arizona and Virginia prior to starting LockZitude®, LLC, as a Certified Sisterlocks®[Branded] Consultant in 2015. In 2016, she left the public school system to focus on her branded locs business until parting ways with the brand in 2020 to start 4 Brown Queenz®, LLC. Queen Goldee is also the co-founder and current president of a local non-profit Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) organization. She has been a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta, Sorority Incorporated since 1996.

Queen Goldee has a heart and passion for empowering others through education and mentoring. She is highly principled in her decision-making and holds herself to high standards in her personal and professional life. She operates with the tenacious mindset of a competitive athlete with the assertive and layered approach to teaching you would expect from a college professor. Queen Goldee believes in personal accountability and believes that goals can only be achieved if one is truly willing to do the work to reach them. Her personality is best described as "spicy" and intense, yet down to earth. She is a creative writer and almost always has a story to tell about something.

Queen Goldee actively services clients with branded locs and microlocs in Virginia. Her professional background and day-to-day customer interactions and maintenance of their beautiful locs influence her style of teaching and mentoring.

Queen MJ

Queen MJ, short for Mama Joyce, is our Vice President of Customer Fulfillment and Operations. She handles everything concerning customer service behind the scenes and manages all logistical operations of our shipping department. Queen MJ also assists with instruction during in-person training sessions.

Queen MJ has over 40 years of experience in customer service leadership and human resources management in corporate America. She was selected by a major Fortune 500 company to work abroad in India to help open a call center and oversee the training of hundreds of representatives. Prior to her work with 4 Brown Queenz®, LLC, Queen MJ was also a Certified Branded Consultant servicing loc clients on a part-time basis. As a retiree, Queen MJ stays busy not only with 4 Brown Queenz®, but she owns and operates her own mobile notary and loan signing business and she is a licensed celebrant in the state of Virginia!

Queen MJ goes above and beyond to ensure that our customers have a top notch customer service experience from the time they place their orders until the product reaches their hands.