Course Details: In-Person Loc Academy Classes

This certification course is NOT open to experienced locticians with affiliations to any other branded loc training comparable to this training. Those who register for this course MUST know, be able to, and/or understand the following:
  • ALL REFERENCES TO TIME FOR REGISTRATION AND COURSE DETAILS ARE BASED UPON EASTERN STANDARD TIME, SO PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY. Registrants are responsible for managing time zone conflicts. We will not accommodate failures to plan properly and will not grant refunds to registrants who must be removed from class by 4 Brown Queenz®.
  • Registrants must be 18 years of age or older. Be prepared to verify if requested for any reason.
  • Registrants must have the ability to engage and participate in course activities and discussions during the scheduled class dates--which may include but not be limited to: pre-recorded videos/demonstrations; on-screen video activities in ZOOM; audio/video conference calls; social media platform discussion forums/chats or other virtual platforms if needed; give oral presentations; and contribute to collaborative projects.
  • Accept constructive feedback and apply it without taking it personally.
  • Registrants must have the ability to read AND follow detailed written and verbal instructions accurately on his/her own. All registrants are adults and will be treated as such. Registrants must be able to ask questions to seek help and clarify their understanding throughout the training window.
  • Registrants must have reliable internet access; an email account that is checked often; an active Facebook account that the registrant understands how to use prior to class check-in; and ability to record and upload files from a mobile device (pictures, videos, etc.).
  • Registrants must have the ability to communicate professionally and respectfully and submit time sensitive items on time without exceptions. There is no room for excuses. A high level of engagement is necessary for you to be successful in this course. This is a professional business course, and the instructors will not tolerate combative, negative, disrespectful, or unprofessional conduct/interactions between registrants or registrants and 4 Brown Queenz® staff. The 4 Brown Queenz® instructors reserve the right to remove any student who violates this requirement at any point during their training and/or certification process. We treat all registrants respectfully and will not accept anything less in return.
  • Registrants must be committed to a high level of engagement on both instructional days. This course is rigorous, and processing of information will be ongoing. Students are STRONGLY advised NOT to schedule events on their designated training dates. Plan for up to 10 hours of class-related engagement throughout day one and 8+ hours on day two. All time ranges are dependent upon individual skill retention and demonstration time and should only be used for planning purposes. Good time management is a must-have skill for success in this course. Registrants must complete all required tasks and/or assignments by the established deadlines as outlined in all communications from the instructors. Pre-class check-in will require action prior to the actual start of class. Failure to complete ANY of the assigned tasks associated with class prerequisites/check-in; the actual 2 Day training assignments; or certification assignments will result in removal from the course and continued access to course content will be denied. The registrant will not be eligible for certification nor a refund.