Queen MJ

Queen MJ, short for Mama Joyce, is our Vice President of Customer Fulfillment and Operations. She handles everything concerning customer service behind the scenes and manages all logistical operations of our shipping department. Queen MJ also assists with instruction during in-person training sessions.

Queen MJ has over 40 years of experience in customer service leadership and human resources management in corporate America. She was selected by a major Fortune 500 company to work abroad in India to help open a call center and oversee the training of hundreds of representatives. Prior to her work with 4 Brown Queenz®, LLC, Queen MJ was also a Certified Branded Consultant servicing loc clients on a part-time basis. As a retiree, Queen MJ stays busy not only with 4 Brown Queenz®, but she owns and operates her own mobile notary and loan signing business and she is a licensed celebrant in the state of Virginia!

Queen MJ goes above and beyond to ensure that our customers have a top notch customer service experience from the time they place their orders until the product reaches their hands.